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Upside down & inside out

Several weeks ago, we had a contest to see who could hang upside down doing a hand-stand the longest and it wasn't as easy as it seemed! I didn't even enter...... So, what does a hand-stand contest have to do with a church Youth group? I am so glad you asked!!!

Why do you think Jesus came down to this sin-saturated, lost world? No church-y answers. Just what do you think???

Well, Jesus was not the run-of-the-mill "goody two-shoes" Jewish leader. No, actually, Jesus was quite the revolutionary! He did not come to introduce a bunch of religious rules. He came to set into motion a worldwide counter-cultural movement. Jesus came to turn things UPSIDE DOWN from the INSIDE OUT!

Tomorrow night in Youth Bible Study on our Wonderful Wednesday, we are going to take a close look at Matthew 5:1-20. Jesus brought more than "religion". He brought REAL TRANSFORMATION, the kind of change that takes place from the INSIDE OUT. It's not just about doing religious things. It is about being a changed person.

As we become transformed, we will influence society. However, in order for this to happen, a fuller sense of the Law is needed. In order to be a part of the movement that turns the world UPSIDE DOWN, we ourselves need to be transformed from the INSIDE OUT.

I hope you will join us tomorrow for our last "Wonderful Wednesday" of the summer as we have lots of fun playing games and take some time to look at Matthew 5 and find out how to have a REAL TRANSFORMATION by being turned UPSIDE DOWN from the INSIDE OUT!

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