Chalkhead Baptist Church was established June 24, 1893.  The name given to the church originated from a spring of water located down the hill in front of the church.  This spring is surrounded by chalky soap stone, a school located near the spring also carried the name Chalkhead.


According to the minutes of the meeting of constitution:  “The following responded with letters – W.T. Brown, E.E. Andrews, I.E. Woodham, Elizabeth Andrews, M.A. Norris, W.A. Norris, Quincy Whitman and wife, Syda Stephens and S.M. Maund.  Mr. Maund was elected church clerk.”  Descendants of several of the charter members are still members of our church.


The church started in a wood frame building constructed in 1893.  Rance C. Deal was pastor at this time.  The wood frame building was then replaced in 1948 by a brick building and was constructed mostly by members of the church.  They used part of the wood from the old building along with some timber cut from the church grounds.  C.H. McKnight was the newly-elected pastor.


The Worship Center was constructed at a cost of $125,000.00 and dedicated to the Lord on October 6, 1974.  The church debt was retired in May 1988.  The Lena P. Carroll family donated additional land for the church and cemetery enlargement in 1962.


In May 2003, the Future Growth Task Force recommended plans for building a new building.  The plans for the building were approved in 2007.  The church moved forward with approving a contractor for the building in March 2008.  The ground breaking ceremony for the building was held Homecoming 2008.


Construction was complete in November of the same year, and a dedication service was held November 23, 2008. The total cost of the construction, to include the parking area, was $834,000.  The new building, also known as the “Family Life Center,” includes a multi-purpose area surrounded by eleven educational classrooms, four bathrooms, and a commercial grade kitchen.

Celebrating Over 125 Years of God's Faithfulness!

CBC 125 Years - Homecoming Program
Historical Recognition - 125 Year Anniversary
Historical Recognition - 125 Year Anniversary



Chalkhead Baptist Church

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