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While we love hanging out and participating in fun activities, the people of CBC also know that the Church is about ministry! There are several ways to be involved in local, national, and worldwide missions!


Chalkhead is active in praying for others during regular worship, Bible studies, and prayer meetings.


As a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, a percentage of our financial offering goes to IMB and NAMB. We also participate in seasonal missions offerings, as well as supporting our own mission trips! 


You don't have to go very far to get involved in missions! CBC's local missions program (Chalkhead Mission Team) meets once a month on Saturdays to make an impact on our community for Christ. 

If you do want to go far, CBC participates in mission trips all over the place!


We have been to New Orleans ( Hurricane Katrina Relief), New Jersey (Hurricane Sandy Relief), and Nicaragua (construction/Bible schools) to name a few!

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