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Youth Ministry

We believe, that according to Scripture, the ultimate responsibility of raising children to be Christians is the parents' role. Chalkhead provides ministries to assist in spiritual growth and ministry staff to help facilitate and equip parents.  


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A letter to pareNtS...

Dear Parents,

One of the toughest things for anyone is to keep the fire going after a big movement of the Holy Spirit in their life.  As your Youth are growing through our Bible studies and service (and their quiet time), probably THE most influential people in their lives to either help them keep their relationship with the Lord close OR not is YOU--their parents.   I read an article about keeping the fire going.  I want to share a few things.  I believe the timing is God's, not mine.  



Camp, as well as other events, is a MOMENT! It’s a few days. But the intention of God is that this moment would breed momentum. What your youth saw momentarily at camp is really prophesying to what God wants to do continually in their lives. The atmosphere and environment of camp was a preview of the move of God coming. Let the moment work, don’t be too quick to move beyond it. Take time to celebrate their testimonies, promote the life change, and talk about what God did at camp.  Before you know it, the momentum will be a force to be reckoned with!



I, the WIRED pastor, their track leaders, themselves:  none of US started this fire. Let me repeat that…WE DID NOT START THAT FIRE! God did, and we should be thankful. The biblical principle is that whatever God starts, he sustains. (Philippians 1:6). The power then for the sustaining is the continual acknowledgment of God in all they do (Proverbs 3:6). As they move forward from camp, don’t just be grateful for what has happened, but honor, trust, and acknowledge HIM for whats about to happen. This is not a time for them to coast. They (WE all) need more prayer time personally and as a group. God has a specific direction for each Youth, leader, and our group. WE NEED HIM FOR WHATS NEXT!



Your Youth needs to FEED the fire God started. They need to hit the gas pedal. Remember: It is consistency that creates culture, and though it may be summer, this is not the time to take weeks off.  And when school starts, it is not a time to let other things get in the way of prayer, Bible study, and corporate worship and Bible study. They need to stay in the zone and continue to let God’s spirit breath His life-giving, life-changing breath into His people.  This is where YOU come in probably more than anywhere else in their lives.  Teach and model how to keep God FIRST and all the other things/activities after Him.  If they do not learn it while they are still free from the burdens and busy-ness of adult life, they will have a very difficult time as adults keeping God first.



As I look into the next 6 months of planning, I want to use the camp fire as ministry fuel.  Our ministry team needs to be equipped to move students properly into their next steps spiritually and in ministry. Creating the car path will let the fire breathe and create functioning disciples who also create functioning disciples.  I ask that you keep me accountable with truly Godly, spiritually-growing activities throughout the year.  This is why I schedule our events and mission opportunities with intention.  I also always keep that in mind when planning the Wednesday night Bible studies and the DT classes on Sunday nights.  We do have fun but the MAIN goal is to teach them Scripture and how to apply it to their lives, making God not "part of their life" but ALL of their life.

Your child is on the verge of major spiritual growth!  ARE YOU READY???  Be prepared for some changes in their lives, including desiring to spend more time at church and alone with the Lord.  I guarantee you that Satan is prepared!!!  

John 10:10 (NIV) "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." 

He is ready!  Are YOU??

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